Terms and conditions for using 20Toys website

 Welcome to 20Toys. The following are the terms and conditions of your use and access to the site pages

Your use of 20Toys Web Site constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, which includes all of the details below and constitutes an affirmation of your obligation to respond to the content of this Agreement as "we" and also referred to as "20 Toys" and "the Site" in connection with your use of the Site, Follows the "Terms and Conditions" and this Agreement is in effect upon acceptance upon activation of your account.


subject no 1: Membership

1. No person is entitled to use the site if its membership is removed from 20Toys

2. In the event that any user registers as a business, his business shall be bound by all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

subject no 2: Accounts and Obligations of Registration


Once you apply for membership, you will be required to disclose specific information and choose a user name and password to use when entering the site. When you activate your account, you will be considered a member of the site and you agree to:

. 1. Be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password. You hereby agree to immediately notify 20Toys of any unauthorized use of your login or account or any other breach of your confidential information.

. 2. 20Toys shall not be liable in any way for any loss you may incur directly or indirectly, morally or materially, as a result of disclosure of your username or password.

. 3 - You are responsible for the maintenance of the use of 20Toys with all seriousness and credibility and is obliged to compensate 20Toys for any direct or indirect losses that may be incurred by 20Toys as a result of any illegal, real or authorized use of your account by you or by any other person who has obtained Access keys to your site account whether to perform services or otherwise using your username and password, either on your own or without authorization.

3. 20Toys is committed to handling your personal information and your contact information in strict confidence.

. 4. You will be free to make any inquiries you deem necessary (directly or through a third party) and ask you to disclose additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity and / or ownership of your financial instruments.

. If the applicant for registration is a commercial entity, you must provide all the required information and documents including your commercial license, other documents of the institution and / or documents showing the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf.

. 10- In the case of non-compliance with any of the above, the Administration of 20Toys have the right to stop or cancel your membership and blocking you from the site. We also reserve the right to cancel any unverified and unverified accounts, operations or accounts that have been long past inactive.


subject no 3: Electronic Communications

You agree to communicate with you via e-mail, or by posting promotional advertisements on the Site, and you agree that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications you provide electronically to correspond to their written addresses are in compliance with legal requirements.

During the period of your membership, 20Toys will send promotional emails to inform you of any changes, actions or new promotional activities that may be added to the site


subject no 4: Amendment to the Terms and Conditions

You understand and agree that 20Toys will notify you of any amendment to the terms and conditions agreement.

You agree that 20Toys has sole authority and without liability to make fundamental or consequential modifications to this Agreement without requiring additional consent from you, at any time and immediately, by posting a notice of the amendment to the Site.

3. You know that 20toys is a technical website on the Internet that allows registered buyers to purchase goods from the stores on the website.

4. Membership on the site is free.

5- 20Toys charges the delivery and shipping charges to buyers, which is only SR 20.

6. The site has the right to make changes to the shipping and delivery charges as it deems fit. Any amendment will be announced through your e-mail or on the website. The amendments may be temporary or continuous, whether on fees or details of shipping services. Are advertised.

7. All fees are charged in Saudi Riyals. You must pay all fees due to your operations on the site to 20Toys plus any other expenses added by the Net market, provided that the payment is made by the approved means.

8. If you are not obligated to pay the fees or expenses incurred for your operations on the Site and have exceeded the period of 3 working days, 20Toys and without any legal responsibility reserves the right to cancel your purchase order.

subject no 5 : Payment for purchases in 20Toys

1 - Payment system in 20Toys that payment for the purchase of goods from the site can be done through the Internet entirely through the payment options available and payment by credit cards or through any payment method provided by the site from time to time.

2 - The provision of 20Toys to pay for online payment methods available on the site is to facilitate and maintain the rights of stores and members. They are supervised by 20Toys while 20Toys are not involved in buying and selling on the site.

3 - All prices displayed by the shops and not to 20Toys a relationship or how to put them.

subject no 6: Your personal information and details of operations

1. You have no right to grant 20Toys an unrestricted, universal, permanent, irrevocable, undisclosed, licensed right to use personal information or materials or otherwise, provided to us by the Site and / or posted on the Site through registration, purchase, Through the forms dedicated to communication and registration, or through any e-mail or any of the channels of communication available on the site. In order to operate and promote the site in accordance with the disclaimer and privacy statement.

You are solely responsible for the information you submit or publish and the role of 20Toys is limited to allowing you to display this information on the website pages and through its advertising channels.


subject no 7: you Undertake, declare and warranty that you:

You will comply with all applicable local and international laws in this regard, as well as the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the site.


subject no 8: Copyright

All content contained in the Site, including but not limited to text, graphic designs, logos, button icons, icons, tracks, digital loads, aggregated data and electronic software, is owned and reserved by either 20Toys or its users. Protected under copyrighted copyright, trademarks, intellectual property rights and laws.


subject no 9: Trademarks

20Toys and logos owned, and other words and logos on the Site, are protected by the rights and laws of ownership of other international and intellectual trademarks.


subject no 10: Protection of Buyer

20Toys takes care of buyers' rights and aims to help buyers to ensure their purchases are received.

1. In the event that the buyer purchases goods by one of the payment methods available on 20Toys and does not receive his goods or he receives goods that differ from the specifications offered on the offer page, then the buyer should not receive the goods. The 20 Toys will make whats is needed  with the store which display and sell the product.


subject no 11: Responsibility of 20Toys

1- 20Toys does not sell or buy goods, and it can not be a party to any transaction and is not bound in any way on behalf of the purchasers of the site.

2- 20Toys is not liable for any unsatisfactory or late performance by any of the parties, nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays due to goods unavailable or delayed delivery.

20Toys does not control and does not guarantee the quality, safety and legitimacy of any goods advertised, nor does it control the honesty of stores in terms of contents and what they include in the description of their goods.

4- 20Toys does not guarantee the quality specifications nor their value nor the extent of their popularity in the market, which is the responsibility of the store and the buyer to ascertain all the goods and their specifications.

 5-20Toys is not a supplier or manufacturer of any kind of merchandise offered or purchased on the Site.

6-20Toys shall not be liable for any claims arising out of errors or omissions, whether obtained by third parties or third parties.

7-20Toys excludes from its guarantees and terms and conditions any financial losses, defamation of reputation, and any special damages arising from your misuse or inability to use the site,

You absolve 20Toys and / or any of its officers and representatives from any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and direct loss to any party arising out of an act done by the users of the Site, and you in particular waive in accordance with applicable laws Any claim in this regard.

subject no 12: Confidentiality

1. 20Toys will take standards (concrete, organizational and technological) to protect against unauthorized access and preservation of your personal identity information. Knowing that the Internet is not a safe way, your confidential personal information can not be 100% guaranteed.

20Toys has no control over the actions of any third party, such as other web pages linked to this site, or third parties claiming to represent you and represent others.

You acknowledge and agree that 20toys may use your information to provide you with 20Toys and send marketing messages to you. The Privacy Statement on this Site governs the collection, processing, use and transfer of your personally identifiable information.

subject no 13: Revocation of the Terms and Conditions Agreement

Under the Terms and Conditions Agreement, 20Toys may resort to a temporary or permanent suspension, withdrawal and cancellation of your membership and / or limitation or cancellation of your access to the Site without prejudice to your other rights and legitimate means of recovering your rights in case:

1. If the Terms and Conditions Agreement is breached.

2. If we can not document any of your information submitted to it.

3. If the Market decides that your activities may cause you or other users and 20Toys to have legal problems.

20Toys may, according to its assessment, restore the activity of the suspended users, since the user who has terminated his activity permanently or withdrawn his membership may not be able to register or attempt to register in the Net market or use the Website in any manner whatsoever, Until he is allowed to resume his activity in the market. However, if you breach this Terms and Conditions Agreement, 20Toys reserves the right to recover any amounts due to You and any losses and damages caused to 20Toys and has the right to take legal action and / or recourse to the courts of Saudi Arabia to file a criminal case against you. It sees fit 20Toys.

5. Your failure to do so or other violations of this Agreement does not obligate 20Toys to waive its right to take appropriate action for such and other similar acts of violation. And 20 Toys does not guarantee action against all violations of the Terms and Conditions Agreement.

subject no 14: The procurement process

1. You are committed by you to complete the purchase of the goods you purchased and pay their value through the payment methods provided by 20Toys to its users.

2- 20Toys has the right to refuse or cancel purchases, whether paid or not.

3. The buyer shall pay the goods within three business days of the date of completion of the purchase. In doing so, the process will be automatically canceled.

4. You agree not to make false purchases on the Site, or to use a fake name or any false personal information, or to use a credit card for others without authorization to purchase, as 20Toys has the right to take appropriate legal action to prosecute any fraudulent Type.


subject no 15: Illegal content

As a registered member of the site, you can post comments on the site in accordance with applicable laws. You are prohibited from advertising your phone numbers or email through any part of the website, and this is considered a violation of terms and conditions.


subject no 16: Retroactive Nutrition

Market.Net encourages all members on the site to submit feedback or feedback (fedback), and will be displayed on the site at any location determined by the site management.


subject no 17: Cancellation of access and / or membership

Without prejudice to their other rights and legitimate means to recover their rights, 20Toys may terminate or terminate your membership and / or access to the Site at any time without notice and for any reason, without limitation, and may also terminate this Terms and Conditions.


subject no 18: No Guarantee

20Toys provides the goods as they are from the supplier, and as they are available, without their approval and without their guarantee, neither express nor apparent, their suitability to use, their quality, safety and originality, as the market does not guarantee its accuracy, strength and completeness. These points are subject to the terms and conditions of the shops displaying the goods.


subject no 19: Determination of Responsibilities

As permitted by law, 20Toys, its employees, directors, agents, affiliates and processors will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or malfunction arising out of your use of the Site. If you are not satisfied with the site or any of its contents, the solution is not to continue using it. Furthermore, you agree that any unauthorized use of the site and its services, because of your negligence, will cause harm to the market. The site will then have to resort to the terms And provisions.


subject no 20: Safety

You agree to provide 20Toys security, managers, employees, agents and equipment, and protect them from any damage they may suffer due to claims, losses, malfunctions, costs and expenses incurred due to your breach of the terms and conditions agreement or your breach of any law or amendments or infringement of the rights of third parties.


subject no 21: Relationship and notices

You do not have the power to bind 20Toys in any way, and any notices you wish to send to 20 Toys must be emailed, and 20Toys will reply to the email. You know and agree that any notices sent to you from 20Toys will be posted on the website or by the email you provided to us during the registration process.


subject no 22: Transfer of Rights and Obligations

You hereby grant 20Toys the right to transfer part or all of its rights, benefits, obligations and responsibilities to third parties working with it without the need to return to you, in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions Agreement. 20Toys is committed to notify you of such transfers if you obtain and publish on the Site.


subject no 23: General Information

If any provision of this Terms and Conditions Agreement is invalid or void or for any reason no longer applicable, such paragraph shall not invalidate the rest of the provisions of the Agreement. This Agreement (which is amended from time to time as per its terms) sets out all the guidelines for understanding and agreement between you and 20Toys with consideration for:

- No person who is not a party to this Agreement shall have the right to impose any terms or conditions therein.

- If the Terms and Conditions Agreement is translated into any other language, whether on the Site or in other ways, the Arabic text remains the prevailing one.


subject no 24: The law and legislation of the two governments

This Terms and Conditions Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is fully subjected to the applicable legislation in the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This paragraph is an alternative to be used if this Terms and Conditions Agreement is terminated or canceled for any reason ...

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