Secure payment:

we provides secure payment methods to customers in the stores and through the website (online) which is : MADA , Visa, MasterCard, Sadad, American Express and Apple Bay.

we provides the possibility of purchasing the product or service online and settling the payment online according to the specific delivery method. Payment transactions will be in Saudi riyals.

For online payment transactions, the customer will receive confirmation on the screen once he is authorized to pay. We not accept any responsibility if payment is refused or declined by credit card supplier for any reason. So you should check your bank's credit card.

We do not store your credit card information on the Internet. All payment details entered through the payment gateway website are encrypted upon entry. Connections to and from the service provider's location are encrypted.

We can not provide any information obtained by paying online to other companies or individuals unless required by law. This information is processed by our payment merchant.

The credit card details provided by you are used to make use of the online service and will be true, correct and accurate and your credit cards must be used legally by you. The information given by you via the online service will not be used and shared with any third party unless it is required to verify fraud, law, order, or court order. 20toys site is not responsible for any fraud in credit cards. The responsibility for fraudulent use of credit card rests on you and otherwise prove to be exclusively on you.

In case we are unable to provide a full or part of the request, we will inform you. A full or partial refund  will be given through the credit card that you previously used in your payment.

 For more information about participated banks and payment methods, please call 920033164



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